ASSET BROKERAGE SERVICE: Used Store Fixtures, Equipment, more.


Need to SELL fast and easy? Need to find the right buyer? Want the HIGHEST market value? 180 Asset Group can broker ANY asset, anywhere, anytime; including surplus, under-utilized and unneeded assets, store fixtures, and equipment, utilizing our world wide database of retail clients, end users, wholesale distributors, and stocking dealers. We will conduct the entire transaction for you, so you can focus on your core business. Our database is the easiest way for our clients to efficiently and effectively market their unneeded or under-utilized assets TODAY. We offer value-added services like direct-from-site sales, shipping, and storage, to keep the process hassle-free. EMAIL or call (800) 676-7042 x115 NOW.

17 thoughts on “ASSET BROKERAGE SERVICE: Used Store Fixtures, Equipment, more.

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