Expanding your retail store? Buying USED fixtures saves money!

If you need to expand your retail operation or add a new location, buying USED store fixtures not only saves money, it can be an opportunity to upgrade to better quality fixtures then your budget would allow if buying new.

Used store fixtures like gondola display shelving, pallet rack, garment racks, shopping carts, showcases, and commercial refrigeration can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of new. AND buying used is a great way to stretch your fixturing/store planning budget and often “trade up” to higher-end fixtures — and get better quality equipment for your money.

Do you need to SELL your used store fixtures or equipment? The 180 Asset Group team has assisted HUNDREDS of business owners in converting their excess or unwanted store fixtures into cash. We offer high returns, equitable solutions, and flexible compensation to suit your needs.

Sign up for email updates (or RSS feeds) on upcoming store fixture liquidations and sales, and contact us if you have fixtures to sell (including complete stores & entire chains). EMAIL Sales@180AssetGroup.com or call (800) 676-7042 x110.

66 thoughts on “Expanding your retail store? Buying USED fixtures saves money!

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