LIQUIDATION: Garment Racks, Slatwall, and Mannequins MUST GO NOW! ATLANTA GA area.

Male_and_Female_Mannequins-Costumers_22Slatwall_and_Accessories_55Garment_Racks_33Cherry Wood Toppers-for-Rounder_Garment_Racks-22Display_Shelving_and_Tables_44
LIQUIDATION: Garment Racks, Slatwall, and Mannequins MUST GO NOW!
AREA: Atlanta GA area.
Atlanta-area apparel & accessory boutique store CLOSING: High-end clothing displays & fixtures MUST GO NOW! Choose from stylish, upscale garment/apparel/clothing display racks & fixtures in GREAT CONDITION. CLICK ON any photo to view larger image.

Selection includes pre-owned/used display tables, slat wall & accessories, mannequins/mannikins, etagere display towers, shelving, and MORE — in metal, chrome, glass, and rich cherry wood finishes, perfect for any shop or retail operation. Many feature attractive scroll embellishment details.

  • 8FT cherry-finish SLATWALL sections.
  • Slatwall accessories: 2FT/4FT shelves, shelf brackets, waterfall face-outs.
  • Female MANNEQUINS in full body, torso, and hanging costumer styles.
  • Male MANNEQUINS in torso styles.
  • 4-WAY garment racks in straight-arm or waterfall arm styles.
  • ROUNDER/ROUND garment racks.
  • Cherry finish WOOD TOPPERS (for round garment racks).
  • Glass & metal DISPLAY tables, shelving, and etagere towers.
  • Wood and Glass CORNER-style DISPLAY CASE (with shelving).
  • L-shaped wood & glass SHOWCASE / WRAP-STAND, with angled corner.

HURRY, don’t wait! Contact 180 Asset Group NOW to make offers or view these fixtures before they’re GONE. EMAIL or call (800) 676-7042 x110 TODAY.

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