Need to Sell a Picasso, Motorcycle Company, or Retail Store? Top-Performers (who’ve SOLD them ALL) Start National Asset Recovery Company

Need to Sell a Picasso, Motorcycle Company, or Retail Store? Top-Performers (who’ve SOLD them ALL) Start NEW National Asset Recovery Company. 180 Asset Group opens its doors, buying and selling any assets, anywhere, anytime.

Over the last two decades, fixed asset liquidators Tim Bonuccelli and Matt Steers have done it ALL: Selling everything from a Picasso tapestry, to the former Indian Motorcycle manufacturing facility (located in Gilroy, California), to selling off entire stores of retail fixtures, and generating millions of dollars in asset sales. After 25+ years working for the country’s biggest asset liquidators, and converting thousands of assets into cash, Bonuccelli and Steers decided that NOW was the time to join forces and launch 180 Asset Group, a NEW national asset recovery company with a 180 degree turn on the liquidation business.

Both Bonuccelli and Steers have bought, sold, appraised, and liquidated every kind of asset (including retail store fixtures, office furniture, warehouse equipment, and more). They’ve held top-tier positions in the nation’s most prominent liquidations, remodels, bankruptcies, closings, and relocations of thousands of big-box chains, supermarkets, Fortune 500 companies, and distribution centers across the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. But launching their own company would give them the opportunity to perform asset recovery with a 180 degree difference from the competition.

“180 Asset Group isn’t your standard asset recovery/liquidation business,” says Matt Steers, “Tim and I plan to run our business as HANDS-ON owner-operators, attentive to every detail. Clients can expect to see us not just behind the scenes, but also on-site; ringing up sales, closing deals, overseeing every detail; whatever it takes to complete our projects successfully and keep our customers happy.”

Their fresh take on the asset recovery industry includes value-added services that the competition doesn’t offer, like asset brokerage, storage, and logistics. “Even with the prevalence of on-line buying and selling, most liquidation companies don’t offer shipping, brokerage, or storage, limiting potential buyers,” says Tim Bonuccelli. He says 180 Asset Group’s value-added services and decades of being top performers in the industry will bring the asset recovery and liquidation business to a whole new level. “We’re also proud to be a part of ‘going green’, by reselling used assets back in to productive use, instead of filling up our landfills,” Bonuccelli added.

In addition to 180’s extra services, sellers who need to get rid of excess or unwanted assets can expect high recoveries and a wide variety of compensation options, including performance guarantees, outright purchase, managed sale, commission or flat fee structure. Buyers who purchase pre-owned assets will save significantly on fixtures and equipment, compared to the high cost of new. And Bonuccelli and Steers will continue doing what they love to do: asset recovery — liquidating, buying, and selling assets, fixtures, and equipment across the USA. “Any assets, anywhere, anytime,” added Steers. Visit the company’s web site at for more information.

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