ASSETS WANTED: Truckload of PALLET RACK (pallet racking system) * West/Central MICHIGAN

WANTED: Truckload of PALLET RACK (pallet racking system).
AREA: West or Central MICHIGAN.
Client needs truckload quantity of TEAR DROP style pallet racking. Initial need is for one truckload NOW, but additional quantities will be needed in the long term to outfit a 40,000 square foot warehouse facility.

Criteria: 5 shelves per section. 42-44″ or 48″ deep x 20FT tall uprights, 4-5-6″ beam face x 8-9FT length, prefers 6″ face. Please forward all quotes, FOB points to 180 Asset Group. EMAIL or call (800) 676-7042 x110.

21 thoughts on “ASSETS WANTED: Truckload of PALLET RACK (pallet racking system) * West/Central MICHIGAN

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