Assets FOR SALE: Used MAXXBOOM Drive-out Extendable Conveyors/Truck Unloaders (Tacoma WA area)


FOR SALE: Used MAXXBOOM Drive-out Extendable Conveyors/Truck Unloaders.
Pre-owned MAXXBOOM Drive-out Extendable Conveyors/Truck Unloaders. Click on any photo to view larger image.

  • Model #MB-35/45
  • 30” belt width.
  • 35’3” collapsed length.
  • 45’3” extended length.
  • 480 VOLT / 160 hz.
  • 8.2 AMP – 3 PHASE.
  • SEVEN units available. Seller will pay half of freight costs for any buyer who purchases ALL SEVEN UNITS (shipping via inter-modal freight).

Contact 180 Asset Group for details. EMAIL or call (800) 676-7042 x110.
CATEGORIES: Warehouse and Distribution Center Equipment, Conveyor, Material Handling Equipment.

76 thoughts on “Assets FOR SALE: Used MAXXBOOM Drive-out Extendable Conveyors/Truck Unloaders (Tacoma WA area)

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