FOR SALE: Pre-owned PHARMACY SHELVING package. Used 6 months, earth-quake safe!

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FOR SALE: Pre-owned PHARMACY SHELVING package. Used only 6 months, earth-quake safe!
AREA: Anaheim/Los Angeles area, Southern California.
HEAVY-DUTY, pre-owned “California Cabinets” brand package of PHARMACY SHELVING and WORK SURFACE COUNTERS. In service only 6 MONTHS. Earthquake-safe. Located in Southern California, must GO now. GREAT opportunity for any drug store expansion, or for a supermarket or other retailer planning to add a pharmacy department. Click on any photo to view larger image or view photo brochure here.

  • FOUR 6’x 42″ shelving units.
  • SIX 6′ by 36″ units with a plate that gives a clean side (for back-to-back configuration).
  • ONE 6′ by 48″ shelf unit.
  • TWO 84″ work surfaces (with drawers underneath).
  • ONE 108″ work surface (with drawers underneath).

Contact 180 Asset Group for details. EMAIL or call (800) 676-7042 x110.

79 thoughts on “FOR SALE: Pre-owned PHARMACY SHELVING package. Used 6 months, earth-quake safe!

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