FINAL WEEK! Pre-owned Upscale Retail Store Fixture SALE.

FINAL WEEK! Pre-owned Upscale Retail Store Fixture SALE.
Choose from a LARGE quantity of used retail store display fixtures and racks; including showcases, display cases, waterfall-arm accessory display racks, glass shelving, guest seating (chairs, stools & sofa), stock room/storage shelving, file cabinets, office furniture and equipment, and more. Metal, glass, laminate, wood, and upholstered finishes. View 2-page PHOTO BROCHURE here. While they last! HURRY, contact 180 Asset Group for details. EMAIL or call (800) 676-7042 x110.

101 thoughts on “FINAL WEEK! Pre-owned Upscale Retail Store Fixture SALE.

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