180 Asset Group can convert ANY assets, anywhere, anytime; including store fixtures, furniture, equipment, and more into CASH via an orderly store fixture liquidation liquidation sale. Contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation CONFIDENTIAL assessment of your unwanted assets. We offer high returns, equitable solutions, and flexible compensation to suit your needs.Ā  We also offer cash buy-outs at fair-market value for your store fixtures and equipment. No project is too large or too small, and each client is treated with integrity and respect. EMAIL or call (800) 676-7042 x113 for details today.


  • Retail Store Fixtures & Equipment, Warehouse & Distribution Center Equipment
  • Gondola Display Shelving (LozierĀ®, Madix, Kent, and more)
  • Shopping Carts, Shopping Baskets, Cart Corrals, Dump Bins & Tables
  • P.O.S. (point of sale) Equipment, Cash Registers & Check-out Counters
  • Display Racks, Garment Racks, Mannequins, Slat Wall, Slot Wall, Grid Wall
  • Showcases, Jewelry Displays, Sign Holders, Sunglass Spinners, Store Supplies, Peg Hooks
  • Commercial Refrigeration Display Cases, Coolers & Freezers, Drug Store Pharmacy Shelving
  • Grocery Store Fixtures, Restaurant & Supermarket Equipment, Impulse Racks
  • Cash Safes, Money Counters, Security Towers & Systems, Floor Scrubbers & Buffers
  • Fryers, Ovens, Deli Meat Slicers, Sinks, and other Restaurant Equipment
  • Pallet Rack & Pallet Racking Systems, Wide Span, Pallet Jacks, Material Handling Equipment
  • Forklifts & Rolling Stock, Manufacturing & Fabricating Machinery, Mezzanine, Conveyor Systems
  • Cardboard Balers, Trash Compactors, Backroom Storage Shelving & Equipment
  • Employee Lockers, Office Furniture, IT & Computer Equipment, Security & Loss Prevention Equipment
  • Corporate/business and personal assets (including art, vehicles, antiques, collectables, more)
  • Warehouse and Distribution Center Equipment


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