GO green & SAVE green: Buy used store fixtures & equipment.

Go green & save green: BUYING USED STORE FIXTURES & EQUIPMENT SAVES MONEY and helps SAVE the environment by recycling pre-owned retail fixtures, warehouse equipment, and office furniture back into productive use. Buying pre-owned fixtures, furniture, and equipment is simply a smart business AND environmental choice.

180 Asset Group clients include every size business; from sole proprietors to chain stores across the USA. Subscribe to our email list or RSS feed for updates on store fixture liquidations across America, or follow us on Twitter.

If you have excess or unwanted retail fixtures, gondola shelving, or backroom equipment to SELL (complete stores or entire chains) call us at (800) 676-7042 x110 or EMAIL Sales@180AssetGroup.com for an appraisal of your assets.

98 thoughts on “GO green & SAVE green: Buy used store fixtures & equipment.

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