FOR SALE: Used Retail Display Shelving & Fixtures (West Coast)

FOR SALE: Used Retail Display Shelving & Fixtures MUST GO.
AREA: West Coast.
Used/pre-owned retail display shelving and fixtures no longer required by a West Coast retailer MUST GO NOW. Choose from an assortment of sleek white-finish fixtures to showcase your merchandise and coordinate with ANY decor.

These solid, sturdy fixtures were custom-manufactured in Canada, and are in excellent condition. Click on any photo to view larger image.

  • Used WALL STYLE store display shelving units (3′ 1″ wide x 8′ high x 1′ 2″ deep). FOUR adjustable shelves (in 2″ increments) per unit.
  • Used square display fixture, with lighted box on a Corian-finish top. 4 handy bottom storage drawers. Each side measures 3’2″ wide x 4’4″ length. 1’4″ top piece, 10″ between shelves.
  • Used rectangular retail shelving display units (27″x72″). 6FT wide, 10″ deep shelves, 10¾” height between shelves.

Don’t wait! Contact 180 Asset Group NOW to schedule an appointment to view this excess store display shelving and other display fixtures no longer required by a West Coast retailer. EMAIL or call (800) 676-7042 x110.

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